January 24 - 26, 2016
Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, Ojai, California

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2016 Marketing Technologist Exchange Post Event Report

The 2016 Marketing Technologist Exchange was an immersive forum to discuss the challenges facing marketing technologists from world-class brands and to find solutions and best practices in order to ensure continued brand success.Inside this report you will find an overview of attendees, tweets from ...

OpenMarket Mobile Messaging Infographic

SMS is the communication channel with the most reach worldwide. It reaches more than 3 billion people across 6 billion devices. SMS is also the most used tool on smartphones, and 90% of texts are read within three minutes. In addition, customers are very comfortable with SMS, and look kindly on comp ...

Location-Based Technology: An Interview with Chrysler's Jason Butki

Jason Butki, Head of Mobile Business Solutions at Chrysler, discusses location-based technology complementing the brick and mortar experience.

2015 Chief Marketing Officer Exchange Post Event Report

Check out the 2015 Chief Marketing Officer Exchange post-event report, which features interviews with speakers, attendee lists, event photos and videos and more!

Sponsorship Prospectus

We offer a variety of opportunities to ensure your organization is receiving the necessary exposure with this high-level audience. Our Sponsorship Prospectus outlines these opportunities and provides results from past Marketing Exchanges.

Succeeding in the Digital Frontier: An Interview with Scott Brinker, Author/Editor, Chief Marketing Technologist Blog, ChiefMartec.com

In this interview, Scott has an exciting conversation with IQPC Exchange’s Kristen Schipfer about future marketing leaders, marketing fundamentals, the changing technology landscape, digital natives, organizational silos, security and his priorities for 2016-2017.

Marketing technologists, growth hackers, and regression to the mean

Blog post by our speaker, Scott Brinker. One of the arguments I sometimes hear is that the role of marketing technologists has a limited future because, eventually, every marketer will be a marketing technologist...

Attendees Discuss a Past Marketing Exchange

Our attendees say it best. Hear what our past attendees have to say about our exclusive Marketing Exchanges. 

Only 9% of marketers have a complete, fully utilized martech stack

Blog post by our speaker, Scott Brinker. Only 9% of marketers have all the marketing technology they need and fully utilize it...

The Future of Marketing: A Q&A with Neeraj Tolmare, Vice President, Head of Digital Transformation & IT Applications, HP

In this Q&A, Neeraj gives bite-sized insights into the future of marketing, the need for fundamentals, cyber security, and more.

Mobile Technology: An Interview with The New York Times' Scott Stanchak

Scott Stanchak, Director of Mobile Marketing at The New York Times, discusses mobile technology and marketing in this video interview.

Creating a 360-degree View of Your Customers

Link your customer contact data with the right digital and social personas, add social affinity and interest attributes, and integrate new insights across customer engagement channels.

Marketing Automation: An Interview with Julia Kirby and Thomas H. Davenport

Harvard Business Review's Julia Kirby and Babson College's Tom Davenport discuss the future and impact of marketing automation.

Interactive Notifications Inspiration Guide

Our Interactive Notifications Inspiration Guide shows you how to better engage your mobile audience. See out-of-the box buttons to make the most of push messaging.

Who are the top 10 martech companies? It may surprise you

Blog post from our speaker, Scott Brinker. Can you guess who the companies are?

Interactive content hits a milestone in The Great Content Wars

Blog post by our speaker, Scott Brinker. Last Wednesday was a bit of a historic moment. When I visited The New York Times website that morning, I was amazed to see that the featured story on the front page was implemented using interactive content. The story — How Many Times Has Your Personal ...

Insights from Brand Leaders: WANT LOYALTY? GET FOCUSED

Passionate and loyal customers are the marketer’s dream. Keep your place on customers’ smartphones—arguably the most valuable real estate on the planet—and it can all be yours.

Insights from Brand Leaders: LEADING THE MOBILE EDGE

If companies are not prepared for mobile apps, or if they miss the mark in connecting with customers, they will be shut out or cast off users’ phones. Brands can succeed by creating ‘mobile moments’—delivering users what they want in their immediate context or moment of need.

Marketing Technology: An Interview with Mapquest Chief Marketing Officer Brad Maglinger

Mapquest Chief Marketing Officer Brad Maglinger discusses how marketing technology is transforming traditional roles and enabling CMOs to deliver change.

Guide to Mobile Relationship Management

Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) is about brand-building.  It uses the power of always-connected mobile devices to create stronger connections between customers and brands.

Millenial Engagement: An Interview with Gabriel Gordon, Vice President of Consumer Insights, Scripps Networks Interactive

Gabriel Gordon, Vice President of Consumer Insights at Scripps Networks Interactive discusses millennial engagement.

Value of Good Push

Examining more than 2,400 apps and 500 million push notifications, this study reveals opt-in rates across key industry verticals as well as how push influences users’ engagement and retention rates.