January 24 - 26, 2016
Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, Ojai, California

Matt Tipperreiter

Product Strategy Director
Experian Marketing Services

Matt Tipperreiter is a Product Strategy Director at Experian Marketing Services.  A 17-year veteran of Experian, Matt is passionate about helping brands more effectively connect with customers and prospects across channels.  More specifically, Matt’s focus is creating foundational solutions that recognize and understand consumers in real time, that link and integrate customer profiles, and that help brands measure the impacts of their marketing spend.  Matt holds an MBA from Olivet Nazarene University, and a BS in Marketing from Northern Illinois University.

17:45 Properly Integrating Data & Analytics to Drive Performance and ROI in Your Marketing Technology Investment

You can’t have a high-performing engine without clean, high-grade fuel running through the engine. Similarly, you can have a high-performing marketing technology stack without highly-accurate, comprehensive data running through the stack. Data is the fuel that drives marketing technology performance.

Join this class to understand how marketers can fully understand their customers, through linking their own CRM data that resides across data silos and enhancing this information with insights to provide a complete picture of their customers as complex consumers. By first creating this single customer view and solid data foundation, marketers can maximize their investment in marketing technology. Without taking this first critical step, all downstream performance is crippled by incomplete and inaccurate data. Alternatively, by making such an investment, marketers and advertisers can drive ROMI and push these insights throughout their internal and external ecosystems.

Simply put, without top-grade fuel, an engine will not perform at a high level. Without top grade data and insights, marketing technology stacks will not perform at a high level either. Learn how to maximize your ROI on your marketing technology by loading it with robust, accurate data that creates an actionable single view of your customers.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Matt.

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